Published: 2019-08-25

Response of some wheat cultivars to plot orientation and foliar boron levels

Lana Dhahir Mohammed, Sami Mohammad Amin Mohammed Amin


Laborer’s Efficiency of Gypsum Plastering in Sulaimani City’s Projects

Atta Shekh Karim Abdullah, Noori Sadeq Ali, Payjor Ali Shonm Abdullah


An improved Fully Homomorphic Encryption model based on N-Primes

Mohammed Anwar Mohammed, Fadhil Salman Abed


Nurses’ Knowledge Regarding Food-Drug Interaction in the Intensive Care and Emergency Hospitals

Samir Y Lafi, Aram Salih Mohammed Amin Kamali, Bayan Omar Sharif


Monitoring and Controlling Electric Power Stations Using GSM Network

Goran Ismail, Bilal A. Mubdir, Asso Majeed, Asaad Mubdir Jassim Al-Hindawi


Improved Image Compression Scheme Using Hybrid Encoding Algorithm

Yusra Ahmed Salih, Aree Ali Mohammed, Loay Edwar George


Effect of Wheat Germ on Quality of Wheat Bread Dough

Lehat Yousif M. Noori, Dler Amin Sabir