Optimization Algorithm’s Problems: Comparison Study

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Rebaz M. Nabi Rania Azad Soran Saeed Rebwar M. Nabi


Currently, in various fields and disciplines problem optimization are used commonly. In this concern, we have to define solutions which are two known concepts optimal or near optimal optimization problems in regards to some objects. Usually, it is surely difficult to sort problems out in only one step, but some processes can be followed by us which people usually call it problem solving. Frequently, the solution process is split into various steps which are accomplishing one after the other. Therefore, in this paper we consider some algorithms that help us to sort out problems, for exemplify, finding the shortest path, minimum spanning tree, maximum network flows and maximum matching. More importantly, the algorithm comparison will be presented. Additionally, the limitation of each algorithm. The last but not the least, the future research in this area will be approached