An Optimized Framework to Adopt Computer Laboratory Administrations for Operating System and Application Installations in the Universities of Iraqi Kurdistan

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Miran Hama Rahim Saeed Bryar A. Hassan Shko M. Qader


Nowadays, in most of the fields, task automation is area of interest and research due to that manual exaction of a task is error prone, time consuming, involving more human resources and focus concerning. In the area of Computer laboratory administration, the old fashioned administration cannot run with today’s growth, where the Operating System (OS) and required applications are installed on all the machines one by one. Therefore, a framework for automating Lab administration in regards of Operating Systems and Application installations will be proposed in this research. Affordability, simplicity, usability are taken into major consideration. All the parts of the framework are implemented and illustrated in detail which promotes a great enhancement in the area of Computer Lab Administration.


Automating Lab administrator, Windows customization, Network based OS installation, PXE, SERVA