Control Rate of Diabetic and Hypertensive Adult Patients in Association with Demographic and Healthy Behaviour Factors in Garmian- Kurdistan Region

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Muaf Abdulla Karim


Hypertension and diabetes mellitus (DM) are the two major inter-correlated risk factors of cardiovascular diseases, which considered as the major causes of morbidity and mortality. This study is set up to determine control rate, and the social demographic and health related behaviours risk factors in association with control rate in hypertensive and/or diabetes patients who are under treatment. Cross sectional study was carried out in this study. Data have been collected by well-trained paramedics through direct interviews using structured questionnaire with the participants. A conventional sampling which is one of the main types of non-probability method was used for collecting data. SPSS version 16 was used for analysing data. 338 patients were recruited into the study, 150(44.1%) of participants with hypertension, 88(25.9%) with diabetes and the rest 100(29.4%) with both diseases. Patients who diagnosed with hypertension were more under control 83 (55.3%) in comparison with diabetic 23(26.1%) and patients who were diagnosed both conditions 18(18.0%). High control rate was observed in hypertension patients compared to diabetes and those diagnosed both conditions. Cor morbidity was the main cause of uncontrolled rate.


Healthy behaviour, Diabetic patient, hypertensive patient, Demographic data.