The plastic waste problem- a pledge for volunteer activities

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Yolande G. Kolstee


In this explorative study, an overview of up to date data on plastic waste is given. Different methods of handling the plastic waste problem are described. The focus lies on volunteering. In order to get a picture of the plastic waste problem, a non-exhaustive overview is given of recent scientific and policy reports in paragraph 2. In paragraph 3 the UNEP and ISWA report on Global Waste Management indicates four major guidelines is described. Other sources emphasize the importance of additional measurements. Self-organising activities in (higher-) education (paragraph 4) and volunteer cleaning up activities (paragraph 5) are described. A small sample investigation to the motives for taken part in cleaning-up activities, undertaken in the Netherlands, indicates some handles to expand volunteering activities. The need for involvement with the plastic waste problem of all and on all levels, is emphasized. We conclude there is a necessity to involve as much people as possible on all levels. The contribution of self-organizing groups in Universities or in other volunteer activities seems to be important factors in behavioural change.