Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems in Wireless Networks

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Ibrahim Al-Shourbaji Samaher Al-Janabi


In society today, public and personal communication is often carried out through wireless technology. These technologies can be vulnerable to various types of attacks. Attackers can access the signal to listen or to cause more damage on the wireless networks. An Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) technology can be used to monitor and analyze the signal for any infiltration to prevent interception or other malicious intrusion. This paper discusses attacks to wireless networks, an overview description of IDPSs and their main functions, the primary types of intrusion detection mechanisms and the limitations of IDPSs. In addition to this, it perceives the requirements of developing new and sophisticated detection and prevention method based on and managed by combining of smart techniques together including machine learning, data mining and game theory along with risk analysis and assessment techniques. The results from this method will assist wireless networks remain secure and will aid the system administrator to understand and monitor their systems effectively.


Wireless networks, intrusion-detection and prevention systems, technology, security, risk analysis